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      At Greif, we understand your packaging must protect product purity, comply with mandatory regulations, and most importantly, support safety. We have the right technology, capabilities, and people to meet the technical and regulatory requirements of the silicone industry.

      Rigid Industrial Packaging

      Greif offers a wide variety of large, intermediate and specialty fibre, plastic or steel drums or IBCs that offer a truly customized solution with the appropriate components for the silicone market.


      • Optimized specifications to match each customer's and end-user's needs regarding safety, costs and sustainability. Solutions include:
        • Advanced Internal Cleanliness process for steel drums
        • ISO open head drums with straight body for export
      • A full range of logistics solutions such as Vendor Inventory Management, specific palletization systems, automatic unloading, Greif Express, special specifications for exports, and many more
      • ISO 9001 registered CAR quality system
      • UN/DOT performance certification available

      Rigid Industrial Packaging

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